Mercury Poison

by Davy Hamburgers

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this is davy 2013


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Davy Hamburgers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi I'm Davy.I'm in all the band links below this. always down for collabo, I rap, sing, play guitar, & make beats, to varying degrees of proficiency.

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Track Name: Never Say Never Sometimes
secret fire show some to no one
shogun shadowed sun
dead tip slip path hit sure bit true shit we blew hits
sugartits just snips hit it til it sits
throw fits and scope blips
wave rite kill a byte stereo type
tube glow to and fro slow go no hype
impede flow learn to grow
daily biz abstract small scale
trailed snail bulk rate male superfun
on the lam gun and run
stunt show
lack lustre
den of sneaks tiptoe thieves
fisted men black suit shire reeves
jackboot highstep bloodlet kept pet no job steve
pet peeve lambast the plaster cast dip and dash diner staff
wash in the back sit pretty clean deck tall stacks
calm eye bus stop serene scene bucketmop
so much slop
speaker stop
beaker swap streaker cock blah blah blop fizz fizz plop
glowchase fill in short gap space
Track Name: Fibbin'
lies from people on top
trickle down slop kid go get a mop
lifetime trip soul slip head dip
get a brick
diggler said prick
hilltop cat sly like night ninja but scared like
little slipper
tread lines twilight hijinks
peppermint lips stinky thai stick
back east heard rumors bout wisdom
dragon chasers flip mr guru smart guy
hand in the till the other grabbing skirts
smarmy bastard loser twerp
up on towers signal man took beams
like notation in headphone cans
intensity beams
big dreams
more driven than rain in gusted gale
all hail
deserter and tyrant the same mirrored pale male
head like a snail
salt guns can chase the berzerker
follow the pain drop trail
vapored veil
robust fellow you could even call him hale
except for fractured eye
and cracked mind
dented tin
MC no can win
sipped on the cup of thirst gone slaked
dipped in the cusp of the burst but then flaked
under machines he shook with the blackness
took slack in stead
once whack but sped
and tracks get read
and stacks is dead
he didn't own no land
mistake plan
shot with monkey rust and blame and lust
same man same clan
grew the wings and slipped in stream
same dream
Track Name: Deep Covered
step say wordplay rhyme say have it my way
softserve game day lame they blame stiff tongue rumdum
come soon get some
last one stands is meddlesome
peddle some the treadle son
spindle spin soul win stupid grin chicken dinner
this twin her lie by candlelight
show glimmers spin the dimmer
steer darker hark her tune spark me cur
live longer grow stronger stick sharp spur
pointy wonder bum bridge lurker
it wasn't work sir
chop kid glazed in time lost eye
late guess why
one if by sea and if two its we
dos twain paired company
based in proximity
swim in humility
no futility
knee deep we bruise easy
keep it breezy see cup steep
don't moan or groan you're alone
draw the bridge up and retreat
into the rocky keep
spur of the moment story phone home
fullblown gall stoned considerate coop flown
stacked up twigs and called it throne
he died murky but his ghost shone
underground no one knows
how it goes so deep in the throe
Track Name: Daily Breadth
nobody looks
mistook shuffled overlooked
century piece dealt swift release as you please
loose lipped she was aurora and then she dipped
spread the sheet balance the books
night stand handstand superman tired gland -

late at night
he gotta have a light
make it bright
didnt look right
no thing
stupid earthling

swing or sting pretty wing park bench juggernaut
space bag cosmonaut earth tripper juicy lip stricken bit
get a kiss tip the smith lab visions superbit dial up the echoplex
skinflint spendthrift
buried it in a gold pile
hit the genie for coordinates
wish him into fits
fine print nitwit ittl stick you in the pits
back to books failed at music too nice for crooks
sharp piles of hooks

late at night
he gotta have a light
make it bright
didnt look right
no thing
stupid earthling

he was the twin spaced particle
the real article
atoms in the tunnel
quark mister
drinkin fuel from a funnel
honest abe them the specs
hot off the wire straight from agent x
in the hood they called him kid tricks
pick up chicks destiny hits

he gotta new life federal name
he don't waste space
make like the fast shit
make haste
concentrate taste afterburner flick switch
heatseeker give chase
get your target in the flame

late at night
he gotta have a light
make it bright
didnt look right
no thing
stupid earthling
Track Name: Arc #5
number 5 tiptoe style hard count rudiments
wild blue sky child riled lost the cool part
deep pool art played the fool in blind start
deep seat dart this the peep chart birds cheep lark
cost steep inna price fleet floater deep real steep
misplaced sanity like keys scuse please seen these?
round like pies nicked the lot stole whole picked the purse the man
ill tuna melt cassarole
decline all charges prepare to mount
mad discount, this, count, name your amount
same source son simple stash aired past
chrono blast econo last tall mast
this class about mish mash
tell ace wonder fire up the blimp fast
high altitude lam dash
ahead by a day and a half
erry time he spoke it was ghost past
kelly gonna sing and then lookout hot splash
jivin gonna ring sandblast
nice harmony, echo and thing
surround earholes ring
large plug
no thug
laced with easy listens
springtime sunshine mud bug
we be glistenin
we cut rugs
this smokes drugs
ish kids born worlds apart
fresh start
never part
covered like tree bark
pretty like green park
Track Name: Up Periscope
up up with the mirror pipe feather light
catch sight if the can can swim
down where its dim
surface skim & then out like jettisoned old bottom fin
submarine explorer old Nemo salty guy pegleg sharp hook
sandy trim
slice thru the brine at depth easy butter
hang the curtains fly
the black scrim
cloudy murker crab intruder treader lurker call him mr grim
pot rustler wrangler dangler see weed waver
ill tuna grin
bait stranger krill guy algae eye catch the scuttlebutt way
down low
sharktooth shadow
dorsal hustler baleen strainer
in the foamy undertow
decent tide plunder recent rides wonder
amphora's under seasons of mud
doubloon spitoon crusty old rune
treasure under ages of piled up crud
emerge from muck and
rebirthed in luck
engage when stuck
make trade like
Phoenecian Venetian cold heart policeman
dolphin click talker whaleshit walker
schooner marooner maritime platooner
bent heavy over heart full of plight
battery team charger canister enlarger
call the soundings put up a fight
torpedo as you need bro
aim low for the deep escape before you bleed though
holy Toledo
this screed, lo, begot by decree so
signed Eyetee
steady as she goes
Track Name: Little Dart
tensile strength anti slip rip fingertip
notes in spaces no race
these places seen them in stasis
they loom like backdrop
its a good plot tip top to get shot
cannon drop
blood clot drip stop skip the ink blot
rorshach flip stack and swing back
check mark in box with fox
in rain ship shape chip flop
flip fate don't stagnate

build up increase rate
make sure to hydrate
its a mandate mandrake
silver lake drink slake
backer stake pine box detox patient wait
its a dress date
hey doc don't feel so great

broken spirit crazy brain
potential down the drain
mind your own easy don't strain
translate si vous plait
please explain?
idioms mister verbal blister
heat sealed shrink pac
poppa grand mac
love grown shadow black

lantern's grace
baby girl wrapped in lace
burning log fireplace
thru the flue seen so
sky'ed royal blue
cumulus grew
giant in white
said the shrew outta sight

short wing flew in little dart
bigger bird swings wing further apart
biggest bird aloft on current lift
float high dreaming thought
iron wrought bridge over moat
you gotta step in muck to get to camelot
unless you got a boat
then you just float
Track Name: Quarters
you gotta split the sack
I'll take the sticky half
golden calf half staff
chlorophill blast
gram mass good juju on the clean glass
ok sparker hit the gas fast
green screen class
fire in the chamber thought to ash
ingest mash fry up the hash
carb clearance good jet stream mrs dash
spicy in the hit beam
medical stash
left of the dial in the cobalt vial
hidden in a nook behind the audobon book
below the mantel hey whats your handle
eyetee smoky throat boggy moat
aint into wind, rocks or boats
clean out that chamber careful dont choke
this game goes like kid stuff
duck duck goose duck duck toke
smoke bee cloud buzzers in the air just float
enough for once and then we be broke
earthworms allies for the way they can churn
in the nitrogen burn
careful with the food dude learn how to spurn
dust in the urn
here you go take a turn
ice in the glacier to the sheets on the walls
fleece on the floor and the sheep in the stalls
the light drips rivers in the rainbows on the floors
you got yours
the man had a chance to take us down
but he just stood
and said his goodnights
flight no fight
yes sir thank you
well on our way short stay
good lookin freedom what else can we say
western skies here we come
I think we won