Blue Light Special

by Davy Hamburgers

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released August 1, 2011



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Davy Hamburgers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi I'm Davy.I'm in all the band links below this. always down for collabo, I rap, sing, play guitar, & make beats, to varying degrees of proficiency.

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Track Name: Friendly Feathers
it was smooth ships
ain't missed when
birds pick tail
swap tale currents and sail
flown flock present cool feathers
shook fancy took form
glow warm
of the swarm back home on the farm
birds and bees
skirted trees
blossoms & breeze
flight path
dizzy wobbled beesknees
girl please
top perch
branch there
show care share secret place
bond nest quilt fronds scout ponds moonsong
heard chirps bout how you plow furrows
beak to reap
harvest moon
show me
hungry birds cant last alone die soon
widowed once sneak peaks
further fields wing it to
voices aloft wave bond
sing it too
line cleft divergent path to bring it too
keep on glide strong
combine mass expect crash shrapnel aftermath
scarred earth from weight descendant path
plane stake high claim broken half
first class line split spit a boiling bath
idol crass merch rep exclusive golden calf
zombie christ buddah branch diecast turned lath
swingset sings pigeon pack eyed crows en masse
if came to it meet at the pass
detach from vee if no enemy
Track Name: Word, Girl
word girl
the world pearl
oceans and hilltop one love nonstop
thanks true skies blue tried anew me and you
mountains of the best wishes bright birds and fishes
winds of appreciation
flushed cheek celebration
scamper nymph hie no lie grabbed thigh high like fresh guy
two turned double helix in full spin
orbits conjoined separate twins
powers wonderful gentle touch
too much
been the brokest delivered from maws
scratched immune hard luck claws
paired beaks match assist
calm love under tin roof rain
patterns patter mutters
blankets on lovers
room for two as long as one is you
against me under these covers
hot sigh uttered
heard bird bond is word traipse it with you cuz u nice
aint scurred
bring dusk and we tremble
lose minds together
span time entwined
like fine wine and pleasure you the treasure
permit mine hand be placed
on thine it seems we find beams balanced
return circle
wonderment under pent
billowed steam super spent
tent pitched guise ditched open arms caught bewitched
curved sine minds apart with hearts stitched
double decades missed forgive these faults carried
clumsy china shop fists stumbled oaf mitt
little flower elevate like kites
look like diamond fire smell twice as nice
fine wind spring check tension mount dismissed
short fast gasp breath staggered stop sudden hitch
3 times like mind blown first
short skirt
good feelin hurt too long
you me against world
intentions hurled
damp lock curled
flag furled
flame burled
soft glow kisses
find hits in the misses
Track Name: Le Bucheron
a man was alone he was chilled to the bone
no scratch no gauge no home and no phone
he wandered in arcs of sloppy lost circles
with naught to ease the load but his own worthless shadow
he meandered the land under stress and duress he was stretchin
limbs towards the canopy roof
towards pockets of sun and scientific proofs
patient virtues weren't born in a day neither was the carpet so easily frayed
theres a spot under the shade in a hidden glade where this magical moment went to get made
echoes strain to filter thru and then become absorbed and construed
consumed with different sauce with thanks given to origins
porridge blends
they brought it all together
alone he wasnt even really clever
but people picked him up and decked him out with golden sounds
so he prospered and grew until his wellness abounds and then he spills the residuals into irrigated furrows
so the beauty may take root in permanent burrows
the goat finishes cycles to live as the hero
the ruler drops down to values lower than zero
the sparrow takes flight and distills it to a number
the poet finds solace in his eternal slumber
boy wonder was reduced to a a feeling
tryin to surf upside down on the ceiling
value was displaced by a surge of emotion the abyss was filled and swelled into an ocean
they chopped down the trees until a gale was the breeze
the field was a rut
the rise was a cut
in the end the dust was brought by the wind
and the dead matter made it all fertile again
Track Name: Solo Powered Sky Kites
just a slip she said
rock fell down 'pon his head
if he was dead it was comin takin cliffs on a sled
bright red biped layin dead
head wound fissure slips in crevice crack
sleeps with frozen fishes
solo powered sky kite
it couldnt fly right
lost both legs to frostbite sometime
after the dogfight
it was a hindrance in these modern stages
lost artist misplaced in the ages
sages at no wages
smudgy fingerprints revealed a bloody snack and twisted pages
under blanket switch the candle off
in your finest hour

abscond with the flour
bakery dozens triplights fanstastic
if he dont make it soon he'll turn spastic
apoplectic schedules be hectic
he thought that he had checked it
molasses barge in town for high noon
strings dipped it was known they couldnt make it
better off without him as he's known as a slider
documented failure at multiple levels
flat surface peg kept slippin on the bevel
they make it too hard for those who don't strangle
reserve an emergence pod and then knock them out
leave no other angle
we took it from the stink farm
look into Sweden
they said it was kosher but you musn't choose to harm her
I think its all straight
the pace was born to differ

variants are the speedbumps
we suffer from disorder
circle letter backpatch
frayed and homemade
lent credence
to the order
the birth was cataclysmic
no wonder shes a reformer
we tried it as a team
but the window was a dormer
one would take the lead and
then sit off in the corner
so we split the meds instead
my share was quite the stormer
grey minds turn to lead
of the pair he chose the horn her
sound was sight and stead
the witness could have sworn her
eyes were baffled when
he was there and then the former
turned to vanished air
for thee we do not mourn, cur,
barely there
straight neck in the shallows
the line will stop the dreck
abandon hope you callow
and dig it in the sand
choose your final stand
Track Name: Blastoff, Sucka!
just like that head snap its a rap
two pocket bank shot background boom bap
run a table for fins strung together
sunny weather
whats your pleasure loon?
too soon?
forecast plucked from chicken gizzards and neckbone runes
dark minded the gloom was a boon
fade out under a too soon doom
talk about ruin
smooth sides couldn't climb out til june
send a supply of space food and a reclamation suit
fluids recycle under dusty high noon
up in the alley against
a single pistol'ed goon
whats the word
he intended to drop me
defend forthwith
forsooth little couth this mixture is ripe blend of
decay and youth make it easier to climb
fresh out of time
and fresh out of proof
you'ze a goof
remain aloof if you cant beat kick it over the roof
flight paths best prescribed for manual removal
turkeys bring jive and gobbles
bulky flight wobbles
your jam wouldn't scrobble
hammerpants time
look up it up done and flied
flexibility died
alligator tears
awoke fears of being in arrears
simple years
how we mourn ya
it was a powerful alliance
gullible on the tip of getting wise
many still chase such a balance
off the walls of the palace
unfit for such actions
hit the wall like bricks reaction
decimated the faction
its good for the living but bad for dead jackson
dialed up elvis to bitch about the news
the fat man nodded and brushed his blue shoes
he said I got the ticket son you gotta dig it
to the root
you gotta scrape the stack or it will stick up the flue
fresh boot
tried to tie it up but it refused to not scoot
Track Name: Waiting On An Angel (vs AC of the Hidden Heroes Collective)
old sounds
hounds was around
followin blind
dogs on tracks
helpless really no lookin back
power in her skirt
she knew how to wield it
wasnt ever no question of tryin to conceal it
summertime west side
just before anyone they knew had died
bikini season with
young men at block parties drowning in just being alive
there was times when groups would roll without a single thing going wrong
nights just to drive
look and touch sell the hot asphalt
summer rain
steamy moon
chemical flow
it was hormone monsoon
be the young
be the just
just let them be
cuz you had it too and you loved it
before you flew the damn coop
your youth was wet leather in the primordial soup
sparked with ammonia skies
lost lightning powers
when you finally grew
AC was straight mystery he was a rumor
couldn't prove what he said put two
but it drove your dreams to edge of
the blue
the sound of lips found purchase
the very first time tremble
climb cliffs
subtle shifts
breathless hips
Track Name: At The Cafe With Old Mary Line and Dougy
old Mary Line she said meet me for
gumdrops at the cafe with Dougy
I said o Mary Mary o Mary this can not be
as Dougy is across the ocean from me
her reply was a sigh o ye of little faith
have I not already dropped miles
like lace
drippings from the curtains of my swift steeded coach?
don't I dance like reflections from my diamond brooch?
sunrays and bluejays and arrow bolts and me, knave
the brisk pace belongs solely to the brave
distances are but the slightest lil dust motes
when you run planes dreams clouds and boats

all things of movement they fall under my domain
from the wings of the lear jet to the drops of the rain
so choose that vehicle wisely
the leaf has deficiencies but the acorn does not fly for free

you can
glide around the currents almost at will if you
pay off the pipers watch out for snipers
the dangerous path becomes harrowing in spots
there's a blind bend where you gotta watch yer back at all costs
astrally project or bring a flock of bots
guard your party well past the submergence at the tunnel
safety assured they cross as dots forming a funnel
slowing from a line glowing bits from thoughts
restored whole 'pon exit portal
no other egress been offered to the mortal
wormhole glimpses
see yourself gone dusty flour
redeemed under troubled skies
flesh to rock to carbon pressed
turns the timeclock on its head
paradox shudder the chances are Mary was a streamlined steamline rudder
dance at paddle wheels pull the breadpans and cannonshot
under Mary spun trances while the gallery wept
Track Name: Timelines, Pt. 1
time missions with marvin
tell tammi sing louder she can guide us
sean said this was direction to follow
dead icons bring the soul flow
you can just throw in my towel now
how can one travel more than the stones throw
what was point of the nebular glow?
journey there then I care show us share it make it grow
take it back as owned and make it go real slow
this junction passes as chances dance
aim for joy instead when will be this when
may we join up in its stead
in its wake may we find a form of future bliss
untried by these no good numbnut dimwit twits
lonely era me and you vacate
choose again and can dial up better state
forbidden city
nice old prelate
it was a sweet date
monks three
begot the need for defense
achieved by degrees
fortified walls grew for merchants stalls
lived beyond the gate and rise beyond the state
sometimes you ditch the timeline and be free flyin
cities were dead or super high
elevated nice suspect device
coppers onna vice no dread before the dead just
glowing robes and left each other alone
I seen it this future with mine own eyes two
creepin thru the alleys like you or me would do
got a glance or three but the future just left me be
it would seem their trust runs naturally
so I dropped the slink and straightened out my white t and tho different
folks just did not fuck with me
the future is where you want to be
marvin be onstage sharp at 3
a time for each and suffering too
we be the parts apart and the glue celebrate the recoil into rue
the demise of the dark into dawns born anew
time out of line
out of time
when was I right?
after the flight
future sight
Track Name: Smooth Pond, Glass Lidded
quiet silence eh? dougys tryin to sleep
moon bits get him slips on them nocturnal slides I try to find his time
morris was a stickler slowed enough he wont lose that cool
stevie she was a trickler pity if its true she be lone come the sundown
rumors abound about some wolves in town
look out if I was her if the hounds sound on the trail or around
fantastic said it was a downright knockout

fourteen hour trips just to balance eclipses
boy don't try me with them confusing ellipses
misunderstanding just allude to my deafness
thought he said some math stuff but it was about southern messes
reversed polarity on all the treble clefs
heard such things was low end related to loose lips and
breasts yes breasts or mistaken again unless abreast was kept
rather a breast than a beast unless
absolutely the same I won't settle for less
its got to devour me whole and speak even less
introverted nature could frame an unknown failure
we could call it the mark of the patterned signal repeater
the jingo jingo lamb ham beefeater
gin time
swish of cyanide

these voices be killin me on the inside of my mind
shoegaze? what are we hidden bays?
bring those ships in by daylight
do it without firefights
see if you can slip less decibels like
we can most certainly expedite
your passing our passing
silent in the night

can you fill this one around the seams?
make it heaps you and me
rutherford d
crossatlantic prophetic MC's
pathetic athletic honkey cut red blood bleed
stamping firebrand snuffer bootlip assistance rougher on the edges
abrasive diamond chips scuffer
gruffer disturb hibernate bear
stone him to the gills with sour diesel pills and
then dump his limp body into the slougher
down the snow logs ride thru the mill hewn planks
with fresh green sides
in the woods the trees keep a fog
smooth pond glass lidded
Track Name: Atlantis (vs Three Ninjas)
atlantis caught my ears way back
when doin dirty things in theaters with funny men,
she had designs on the stylus needles always pricked her skin,
she was a million degrees on fire
at the core she came hotter again ,
curves carved in moonlight lit up her skin,
she dove under waves was never seen again,
they sing about her legend every now and again,
you might hear a whisper in the past tense,
she was all the worlds dollars and all a boys sense,
tied up in visions and spent freely hence,
he took his life as scenery to frame her in his lens,
he called upon her spirit to bear his lonely sins,
she came cloaked as a serpent on the path that always wends,
he struck her with his scepter and she split into twins,
the forked tongues were doubled and then doubled again,
she spit at him descriptions of his feeble tired ways
and he wept upon the notion for months of many days,
he grew old and crooked and he grew very grey,
but he never grew away from her or forgot the good old days
or the sound of her voice being lapped up by the waves,
sweet summer songs veiled by ever growing circles echoes
distant under crashing dying days
Track Name: Jasons (vs Geoff B. Gibbs)
banjo solo?
no maestro no banjo quite yet we must wait for eric ext
jasons are prevalent
heaven sent equivalents
forensic studies on their brains revealed claims staked
to abnormal levels
summon ninjas forthwith to the balcony
acerbic combination potion for alchemy
souls misguided to simply lost to free to expounding
logic at ignorance's cost
show me a page
from the gifted mage
and watch it rearrange what you thought about our stage
written words dip the well
trips from the pen
cables from the ship
no need to curry favor
slaying the need for saviors
one work at a time
one step out of line
data packets flipped starts in the hips
gifted free lips
battle nitwits
simply deluded
leave the arena denuded
propaganda precluded
fracturing stooges
get em booted
finding new ways to the break