by Davy Hamburgers

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Treetops is Davy 2013


released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Davy Hamburgers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi I'm Davy.I'm in all the band links below this. always down for collabo, I rap, sing, play guitar, & make beats, to varying degrees of proficiency.

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Track Name: Stormbloopers
I'm tryin to tell ya
I aint right in my head dont leave the house for weeks my mind leaks
information we don't speaks about it mums the word little bird
ya heard
scatterbrained harebrained lame brained lion tamed
full range rabid bubble lip furry mange
dudes strange
chopped up the stash and hit the roof like on fire handlebar mustache on
hot glass
news flash nobody knows him and he blast mics like cronkite
outta sight hit this number quick gotta split
sticky lips sunshine fadeout loose bits one time hit and then
dip like sinkin ships
just the tips
its in the writ
call it weird guy on static mode sub ether scan standbye
no lie
they try to jam the signal but we strip the noise dry nice try
swap it to the strong side open ride powerglide hit the slide
and then airborne rushing by your blushing bride
in the pits and crashed before he hit his stride
rough ride punched me in the pride
bled out over years and now I'm dry
thats my story and I stick to it until we hit the high side
leave all the low points behind
listen to your heart and heal your mind
Track Name: Bedmonsters
something moves late at night in beds across the countryside
the beast with many backs thunder cracks laugh tracks moonlight thru chimneystack shoot for lazy motown mono rainy day beatsound line twist and pan the parts around expand samples and paint the little strands with stereo depth and illusion of meant plans. when she sleeps I fire nodes and daydream new brands success eludes me and my crew we half grew into shunted shoots and then withdrew I've been my own enemy my whole life don't truck with strife chase serenity value life peaceful like quaker man but know how to fight you put your fist in the fire and then strike smite with might if you fail backtrack up the trail to the shed and then wail howl at moons from drought start to monsoon burst worst to first resilient heart play the part from tadpole to chest swole sing it blue from dim shady corner to figure under light pole bright second sight sewn the whole hole shut stern to stem brilliant gem refractor beat rap tax enactor
Track Name: Jivin' Tofurkey
holmes had some distance to his self & to his nature quirky creature
known as jivin the turkey digs deep string shaker covered in tonics murky
double feature imposing stature hollow axe sir maths a good blur
name changer drape a moniker over cabs & sound slabs never drab
thinking mans thinking plan aint yet done rearrange her
very strange sure
catch a blimp to fantastic's cloud and dance in the rain for pleasure
trash is treasure this is my note piece doled out in steady measure
scents of myth in your ocean bouncers
lands in realms of blunt force trounce fresh flounders cads & bounders
the broad way say mate you got the time to spare for the majors tape
submarine fare halfway there no tat no harm all darn weave me some love &
I'll plow the whole farm her breath is warm moon on her face
float first & slake all thirst take the worst break for new place
we bake words convex and concave pilot lit autoclave hot stones pave
new street meet and greet hit the mic hard & then go take a seat
Track Name: Y'all Giving?
123 to the 4 I rock rhymes & then I rock that shit some more
y'all givin? what you got to say if a person is hungry then you feed
em today if they tired then provide em a cot for the nap if they ignorant go ahead give that face a slap but if they learnin with their head in a book encourage the behavior and provide them a nook I'm a lucky man who can stand up before you today and say the adults in my life when I was a child held sway role models one and all mom pop aunts uncles you can stand tall if I could take it back to the top of the stack influence the cards as they were dealt I wouldn't trade my fam for nothin heartfelt
I see my peoples treated by the world as an equals for their
achievements my heart swells good job fells and lasses y'all givin classes on how to act people with their heads not up they asses like the dummy folks distributed throughout the masses I'm over 40 and I don't go to clubs hang around with tough guys or listen to weak dubs
monster of a man made entirely out of love if you don't like the raps then you can just shove
amalgamated sam he got a fist to go with along with dove talons and an olive branch staunch stance
no wooden nickels davy hamburgers fresh bun mayo hold the pickels
no matter which dice fall down in your crapstack you dip the bucket in the well and then you give back
expect more outta yourself than the mean old world and we'll get along swell the farmer plants herbs fron the hill to the dale and back in the hidden glen suave swan inna pigpen
more word drips than an inkpen fire in a bottle like neat scotch mic antics from the true school and thats a rule boss I got mic controllers to look up to and represent see like jack wilson on top of his rhymes a true master poet for the times I try to get nice like krs-0ne on a freestyle takin shit from no one
when I grow up I hope I crush mics preach no religion and
write checks you got a shine inside yo bein that contains mankind's true meanin look it up sun its like words on pages sure shot you learn in stages no sweat to the young who just aint in these mindspaces yet but if you ahead of the game knowin true shit I give you much love cuz
I dont even see age and thats word if you deep then you swim
in pools uncharted full of worth clean springs gift things cool waters
mystery daughters back in lives like you was allowed to stay alive and try to find the one little spot where you can reach heights and then drop it like a thought
Track Name: Skeptics
we come a fair sight firefly nightlight summer sprite
stagefright man's plight dog bite make it right
porch swing rock forth bee wing sing sing
scarab spring final fling sweep ping street ring
sky blue eye true fly flew who am I
to try to lie to the guy who knew the truth
a game all the same kill shame lose blame
shun fame dance for rain maintain the same thing

same swing try to make this a name thing
little sun you the one magnet shield heart yield
growing shoot fertile field neat row scarecrow
speaker show streaker glow beaker blow freaker know
the breaker flip circuit shut tight on a surge trip
ghost sail missing crew ocean blip
groggy brew the parrot knew davy jones & water bones
mermaid looked good built like grace jones

her face shone all right all fair all grown
bare love g'wan shove faint blood taint good
velvet glove melted up stirred cup busted luck
big truck swig sip aint give no fucks
hotlip heartflip handin in pink slips
gettin grips aint wet cut like tin snips
swim like fin flips been like man shit
tree tops green bud cola cuts sweet tip
Track Name: Atom Chopperz
wrote some heartfelt words but shit was deemed not good enough
through the rough stuff kept eyes ahead but dread crept up in his guts sick in the pits he knew it was for naught
aught could do
what about you?
could you a' flew when gale force blew?
or flopped like feather bits airbourne lightweight and got took
as luck drew
pictures flicker bits decay
like old tartan spreads on faded cracked wicker
no miss, I didn't hit him
I'm a firm believer in
you don't stick unless you get stuck in regulation and then
uncorked equal blotters ink spilt flower wilt
but these tapes are old played spent
a while back but stuck no eject
so you listen on your way
to the 5 and dime
to pick up wraps and
soda with lime need a drink around closing time
pick you up a bottle if you pick me up mine
live for second chances and you're a good friend of mine
learn to not worry and we'll get along fine