Pittsburgh City Steps

by Davy Hamburgers



this is davy 2015-20? not quite done yet.


released June 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Davy Hamburgers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi I'm Davy.I'm in all the band links below this. always down for collabo, I rap, sing, play guitar, & make beats, to varying degrees of proficiency.

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Track Name: BONE BOATS
dont look now but lookout ahead
full on stop everyone out youre dead
new batch of atoms start up again
compression cloud sky mother hen
bits and masses smoke grasses
buy a bit of herb ceremony spliff
fire in the hole cross the river styx
jump in the drink to avoid mortal fare
stick to the wall find a portal there
swim with the souls in a school little fishes
or swim on your own to chase mermaid kisses
float in the moat til u get some new scales
then chuck em at the dragon til his fire wing flails
catch a small peek of the dangerous path
check the fall creek for brigands and glass
groaning bone boats take weight under waves
moaning throne gloats stake your freight
sunder knaves thunder staves
soon enough all the grains were spent
shot the sky thunder crack shot back the frames was bent
lo & behold new eyes of green and gold
choose a new chute in an era that you claim
bruise a few brutes start a swearing ring chain
this is my claim to fame
hark as it fleets & stinks & sleeks
& whistles a reel betwixt its cheeks
he knows he reeks
pan pan neither goat nor man pipes in his pocket
& a nymph on his hand
cloven hoof & a wig & a filthy little jig
& he mocks your mold &hides behind a twig
he hits his notes then the skin for a swig
the finest wine you'll ever find it glows in your belly
& your dreams and in your mind
Track Name: Say It, Sayer
blaze trails before us wordsmiths of yore
blaze on chore on point on swole up poem joints
set sail yearly breeze currents occur without fail changes swarm bosom warm cradle rocked to bough break to baby dropped
in stead until broken weary bones laid rest in final bed
earthen burrow where roams this soul on that then when & where,
sten burst I was the worst
ignorance in shallow human boots I chose to shuck roots
grow new sets get regrets take care of pets rebirth is gifted to the carers of the soil til some weeds lance the boil
avoid crack rock foils
true to the school that u built in your head from the moment u decided to live until youre dead reamed stroked & bored beveled bedeviled mitred chopped & straight gored
read his rights in late night blanket tent flashlight fortified forts
his mind roils imagine him a number of uncertain weight
cloaked in good intentions & a superhero cape
burst upon the rocks of an alcatrazz escape
chewed up by sharks & a strong sense of self hate
comparatively speaking dude feels great
mind him he wants to grind it hone points
scale peaks & smoke joints stop by
bring a can & we'll jam
ask for davy d burger to the ham
words words we'll skip them like stones
break them like promises
& mend them like bones
Track Name: Fully Leaded
one kid crazy with faultlines in his own human family
all of them raw hurting animals juxtaposed in united agony
each simmering shade of the dark rooted tree
forced to sit still watch & see
no hiding behind snakelike subtlety
arm bent to pick up crooked knee
instigated in antiquity by trends chosen poorly
reflected in present tense faces shining rosey red
specific honourific inquiry
all as equal, equal all, until all is dead, and thats all yall
todays cat had somethin to say said it strongly in a gentlemans voice
grown but not quite sleeping full time yet in the ground by choice
select persons in simple squadrons shall surely be seeing same
simple I
eye to I,
I and I,
portions to potions amount dealt 4 vats
straight thunder overrridding all quaking claps
mixing proper soup for primeval protein bath
electric inserts reminded dude of roller coaster lightbulb path
the coney dog shuddering flux took it for granted double sight
wooden floor slatted slope newly moonlit mission grope
the cedared grove cinnamon & clove basket brought & bought it forth
now they grow grandparent girth old gasket but
constant rebirth
imminently sad with emminent mirth
Track Name: Gongpiece
strike metal more loosely little petal why shake earth in gasping futile
inefficent blasts go more slow develop dream vision stress tests show moon glow backlit rose hued glass piece buoys with improved buoyency shaped into fine small bits it all fits there was design behind big curtain plans spoken in whispers a room draped in mystery as deep as curling blisters her pearls slung in tall strings all slinging stings of small forgotten springs drop the mallet she shone in shadow stricken notes struck coins shucked pains plucked loins ensconced in old lovers grasp cold frozen clasp chosen gasp images captured in celebrated song now strike the gong emit swan song flying man get ye hither elevated resonance against cross grains this is boss strain
grow high on yon potted plant straight too no slant
bold oracle mother figure bronzed brother idol man get scanned
new plan brandished display circles surrounding the top man highlight scam lose your role in the clan to miles standish
lose your parents money selling watermelons at the grape jam
not enough hippy fans to witness the jam bands he
saved a bleak day selling zero tax looseys as far as the eye could see
lighters made in foreign places it still sucked to be but awoke to drums smashing the beat pure and simple time to choose no place in the pantheon if you put it out just loosey goosey this is no ruse see 1st place in imagination but bubbled out 4th place in the
6th grade spelling bee no podium finishes stucks out glaring omission on the old cv thats old true school like the colonels of SV as we used to be mr vincent preceded by the chosen name of Strong he left us some ruins so we put him in the song we rode the rooftop of the castles all night long shot rockets to sky without asking why some lived to further the cry and some were young and then died still tied together from the moon to the streets of the long gone era when we stepped up from the gloom fed fields from far flung monsoon bred breeds born with no sense of spite speeding speeds on unsafe sleds on rune based deeds on too trusting steeds fed folded oats and strong strong weed banning boasts and base greed grilling goats and drinking mead sewing seeds